Month: June 2015

It’s been a year…

I am waiting for sunrise
I am waiting for sunrise

Since I wrote my last post here.

I have been focusing my energy on running ARTYLIVING.

I recently hired someone to work on a new version of the brand/site.

I am no longer a Speechwriter, since Fashola is no longer Governor of Lagos.

I am writing/editing full-time now.

It’s what I’ve always wanted and it’s going well.


I worry a lot about life, love, business.

I am stable enough to know that this worry is irrational but not enough to avoid it.

I drink a lot of coffee, Power Horse, wine.

I am not sleeping much these days — it was 12:19am when I started writing this post.

The previous two sentences have nothing to do with each other. I wasn’t sleeping before the drinking.

It’s 12:33am right now and I’m just checking in.