Things To Remember

Some months ago, I made a list of things to remember, because I often forget the things that are important and I hold on to the negative instead. So, from time to time I read my list. I turned 25 yesterday, and I needed the reminder once more.

  1. Never forget that you are a strong woman. That you will get through anything. Everything. And emerge stronger. Never forget.
  2. It is not people who should remind me, I am the one who needs to remind myself.
  3. I am loved by wonderful people.
  4. I am a normal person overcoming BPD.
  5. I have been blessed in years past, even in my refusal to see it.
  6. The journey is not always going to be easy but so long as I keep moving forward I’ll be fine.
  7. Worry is the chemical imbalance’s way of eating into my mind.
  8. There’s always often a plausible positive explanation for the weirdness folks bring my way.
  9. The world is not trying to hurt me.
  10. The universe does not revolve around me.
  11. The people I lean on have their own personal issues outside of me and they also need my love.
  12. Olodumare is watching out for me at all times.
  13. One day, I’ll wake up and realise my brain remembered by itself.

So, that’s my list. What are the things you have to remind yourself of?


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