Month: March 2012

These are important… somehow

There’s something I’m searching for, it leaves me roaming in my head a lot these days. I just can’t figure out exactly what it is; peace? away? noise? quiet?

I need to stop re-reading Ntozake’s ‘For Colored Girls’

I think my writer’s block is shifting. I hope it is.

I haven’t slept in a while. I need the world to pause.

Sometimes I need reassurance, a stranger to tell me I’m doing something right. An email did that last week.

I want to move to Abuja, or I want my girlfriend to move back to Lagos. I need one to shift.

It’s the year of the dragon, remember!

People need their heroes.

I’m in motion. Scared to stop coz then the push to restart might not come for too long.

Adebola Rayo get out of your head. Do.

Tumblr would make more sense.