Art, Law, Love…

This place has been too gloomy in recent times. Haba.

Went to the Afromysterics art gallery in Abuja today. Awesome, Awesome art works. Those guys are freaking good and uber talented – not just at art, music too. Oh and they were fun too. *sigh* I love visual art, can’t wait till I can afford good works. There was so much culture, beauty and truth in the works. Felt like taking the works home with me.

Got called to the bar on February 14. It was a six year journey to that -well, six and a half, seeing as I passed my bar finals six months ago. Even if I don’t want to practice, it felt really good to hear Musdapher Dahiru (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) say “you can now wear your wigs”.

Also, my girlfriend got me artworks and this really silly card for vals. I hate vals but I love her, and the gifts.


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