Month: January 2011


I like to think I have some of the most intelligent friends, so it’s come as some sort of shock to me over the past couple of months to hear some of their views about politics in this country. Yes, these are people who spout incessantly the need for change in this country but I hear a lot of them saying they aren’t going to vote in the coming elections and all I can think is what is the point of asking for a change if y’all aren’t ready to be the change or bring about the change you seek?

I know it is frustrating talking, and voting, and not seeing any change but should we stop doing right because wrong prevails? I’m especially tired of the ‘they’ve already decided our next president so why should i vote?’ argument. My answer to that is always the same; if the PDP decides for once not to rig elections, they’re still going to win and the only reason they will is because those who should vote against them don’t! If you’re going down, the least you can do for your sake and your children’s is go down with a crazy ass fight the likes this country has never seen!

I don’t write about Nigeria, because it frustrates and depresses me, so that i can’t come up with coherent thoughts in that state, but I’m doing this because I am fucking tired of hearing people give up their rights so easily. What the hell is wrong with my people? Why are we so complacent? We are so used to incompetent governments we’ve come to accept them as the norm, well I refuse to. I’ve said a few times that I’d very much love for someone to wipe out all of our leaders, yes! I cannot wait for their generation to pass and please don’t tell me how I shouldn’t be wishing people dead, do you know how many die daily because of the constant failure of our government? But you know what scares me shitless? The attitude prevalent amongst a lot of people in my generation too; the ‘let me get there and chop my own’ attitude. We need a change for the better and we need it now!

Oftentimes people talk about how they don’t know who to vote for and isn’t the devil you know better than… Fuck that shit! How hard is it to examine the track records of all the candidates at the moment? Then again, I forget that we are a people so quick to forget. The present government is a thinly disguised sham in my opinion and we should do all we can to vote them out of power. Most of the presidential candidates have held public office at one time or the other, we all know the things they did or did not do while in those positions, so I say, pick the lesser evil. The lesser evil isn’t the devil you know, we all know these ‘devils’… pick the person who isn’t a devil, or who is the mildest of all devils. That’s why I will be voting Nuhu Ribadu! Far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who has shown the kind of integrity and discipline this country needs in public office. Please don’t come and tell me how I should be voting for someone else or all what not, coz you see I’m not telling you to vote Ribadu (even though i believe you should), no, I’m telling you to know your candidates and choose wisely. The future of this country depends on it. And if one more person tells me Ribadu should run in 2015 because he can’t win now, I am going to have a hissy fit! In John Legend’s words “the future started yesterday, we are already late!” Time is running out for us and I wonder why most people refuse to acknowledge that.

Someone said to me, ‘I’m not voting. You are. Is it so you can feel self-righteous, like you did your part?’ No! I’m voting not just cause it’s my civic duty but coz I’m tired of ranting about this country, coz I truly want a change and I will do all I can to see it brought about. It’s not just politics, it’s my future. I don’t want to be my own government when I grow up, I don’t want to pay taxes, yet have to supply my own electricity, water, security and other amenities. Plumbtifex tweeted once, ‘a corpse is just a corpse till that corpse was your pops…’ or something along those lines. I lost an uncle to the Jos bomb blast the night before Christmas, but see it’s not just me, it’s all of us, we all know someone who died because doctors were on strike, because the roads are bad, because the police are incompetent, because our government is fucked and doesn’t care about us! For how long do we want that to continue? Till it’s you or till it’s me?