Nigeria at 50 – Day 17; I’m Done Bitching!

Nigeria at 50 – Day 16, Nutty J

this isn’t poetry, but it was easier to write it this way…

It’s hard to love someone who is broken, but sometimes
You love them in spite of the cracks, and you hope
That your love will nurse them, mould them back into wholeness…

It hurts to love someone who don’t love you…
I know you don’t love me right now,
I know you don’t care for my needs no more,
But I love you, in hope of a re-awakening…

Last night at the estate gate, the security man asked for the gate pass,
Then he asked for the Nigerian gate pass…
That’s what the Motherland has become;
Poster child for all things crooked.

It’s hard to love someone who is selfish,
It’s a hundred and sixty million babies screaming
For candy. Me! Me! Me! Me!
What the fuck happened to US?

It’s hard to love someone who don’t love themself,
It’s Jesus and a miracle,
It’s òpèlè Ifá divining my path,
It’s a desperate belief that t’ení bégi lójù, igi á rúwé*.

T’ení bégi lójù, igi á rúwé is a Yoruba proverb meaning whoever cuts a tree suffers himself needlessly because the tree will rise again. It’s what I believe for this Country; that the impostors who call themselves our leaders might think they are hurting us now, (and indeed they are) but in the end Nigeria will rise to the height it should. So let’s all stop bitching and get off our high horses and do something, anything, from voting in the coming elections, to always following due process in the things we do…

Nigeria at 50 – Day 18, Aribaba


17 thoughts on “Nigeria at 50 – Day 17; I’m Done Bitching!

  1. “…Nigeria will rise….So let’s all stop bitching and….do something,…”

    Yes, 'tis little what we can do. However, when the 'little' several hundreds of us do……

  2. Only you can take a serious poem and make it a fun poem that will cause everyone to enjoy…

    I like, you just had to go and put love (my fav word) in it.

  3. I'm with Tisha on this one…
    hasn't been long since i subscribed to your work and yet that a definite element bout your skill.
    You're like a fiddler. hard truths in gay tunes.

  4. Rayo!!! What are u? God or spirit? How dare u write this way? No!!! U must be a god in chrysalis!..
    Ever since I came across ur blog, I can't sleep @ night without going through it…keep it up girl…u are fucking goddamn writer!!!

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