Month: May 2010


Google reader is the reason I don’t drop comments on blogs so much again. Wish they’d incorporate a feature that allows you drop a comment on the blog from your reader 

If we all walked about naked there’d be no such thing as indecency.

Dido. Enya. Nneka. Alanis Morissette. Ese Peters. Chris Daughtry. ColdPlay. Patrice. 9ce. John Legend. K’Naan. Erykah Badu. Colbie Caillat. Sunny Ade. Tracy Chapman… most played artistes on my iTunes atm.

I miss you… every time…

One idiot is chasing me. One idiot is chasing my friend. One idiot is married. I am very bitchy to one idiot.

Why is there no emoticon for ‘fuck you’ or ‘waka’ or ‘mscheeew’ or ‘smh’

I like to listen to Pater Noster every time. Since before I found it’s the Lord’s Prayer sung in Latin by Ysabella Brave. It calms my soul. I can’t remember the Lord’s Prayer in English.

I am too hard on myself.

I believe there is one God. I believe we all find him in different ways.

I wonder; when this intermission is over will I fade into the shadows again… there are monsters there… Ghouls masked in robes of light.

K’Naan is currently my desktop background. He’s drool worthy. I have a thing for tall and thin men.

‘So you met someone and now you know how it feels. So you gave him your heart just as I gave mine to you, and he broke it in little pieces… so you lie awake just singing the blues all night…’ -Goody Goody by Frankie Lymon. I can hear 1 of my exes singing this song in my head

Today is day 6 of the Chimamanda Creative Writing Workshop. I am one of this year’s 20 participants.

According to my girlfriend Bliss, ‘fuckwattage’ is the meter used to determine how fucked up one of our lives is at the moment.

‘Piece by piece is how I let go of you, kiss by kiss will leave my mind one at a time…’- Katie Melua

Having to cope with me must be enough penance for all of my mother’s sins; present, past and future… and then some.