Damn, He does it right!

‘She says she wants to fly
way across the sky,
the only problem is
I don’t have wings…’

He sings! He writes his own songs! He plays the guitar! I know it might sound weird that I’m so excited about that but seriously how many Nigerian artistes can boast of more than one of the above? I don’t know if it’s because it’s very obvious that he takes great care to write beautiful, deep words, or because he has an awesome voice, or if it’s the instrumentals… I think it’s probably all of the above. I’m not a big fan of Nigerian music; I think it mostly reeks of mediocrity and a lack of respect for the intellect of the listeners, so when I find a Nigerian musician (very rarely I tell you) who delivers good stuff I can’t help but fall in love with his/her music. ESE PETERS does GREAT stuff!
Can’t wait for the video of ‘Wetin I Go Do'(song quoted above) to come out next month. It better be good coz that song deserves a gr8 vid oh, no naija nonsense abeg.

‘Will I see your face,
I feel you slipping away…
Will I hold your hands,
run my fingers through your hair?
I can’t believe this is happening to me…’

‘This is love’ is a great love song. I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for slow and somewhat sad love songs and I think I’ve just found my new favourite in this song!
So Ese is releasing an acoustic cover of Wande Coal’s ‘Taboo’ today and I must say I’m tripped by his guitar skills displayed with that song *sigh*. I’m wondering how he took a somewhat ‘crude’ song and transformed it; for real you even forget that he’s talking about your ‘ibadi’. You just get lost in that strong voice, the instrumentals, and the song takes you beyond places that our dear Wande couldn’t dare. Wande’s fans please don’t take this wrong (I like some of his songs too), but Ese has made this song into something I won’t mind playing before my mother. Lol.
O.K. by now I bet y’all have figured out I’m in love with this guy’s music. I want him to sing for me. To me, Just me! Lol.
You can listen to ESE on reverbnation

and watch out for his album release towards the end of the year; that seems so far away 😦


19 thoughts on “Damn, He does it right!

  1. @Harry; yes o!
    @Plumbtifex; ryt on dadi 😀
    @Elizabeth; *sigh*
    @Undaunted; ha, so u blog too. cool. he is really good!
    @jaycee;he has that effect!
    @Seye; remember, always one step ahead of u *kiss kiss*
    @Missbalance; oya, queue behind me sweetie

  2. I totally get what you mean about naija music insulting our intelligence sometimes. YES, music is supposed to make you dance sometimes but if all the musci we have access to is about how madness is free or babes are calling you suddenly, then there is a problem. It's good to have guys like Ese bringing a new slant to the industry. Where can I listen to the acoustic version of Taboo? I no want steal am o! No downloads, just curious… Really want to hear it…

  3. Okay… Time for a belated comment. Now I haven't heard his music but he sure gets rave reviews on Twitter and knowing your musical taste, this piece just confirmed the hype. Looking forward to when I get to hear him…

    PS: Could you edit your post to include links to his Reverbnation and MySpace pages? Thanks!

  4. @myne; yup
    @bootstrap; tru talk
    @F and M; that's just wat i tnk, there's only so much we want to dance to after all.
    @Naughty eyes; have u listened yet? wat do u tnk
    @Porter De Harcourt; u r welcome

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