I lost my voice, I have a cold.
I lost my words, I don’t know why.
There are things I want to say, things I want to write,
I Want! I Dont! I fucking Cant!
The words have flown away and its frustrating.
My head is filled, my thoughts are roaming, screaming, drowning!
Questions, doubts, half-formed words, thoughts, buts, ifs and nots…
There is no release, no orgasm…
I lost my words. I hate the thought!


31 thoughts on “on DROUGHTS and DOUBTS…

  1. Sometimes when i read your posts, i feel like i wrote them. 'I lost my words' is something very familiar. I am sure they just seem like they are gone, but deep within, they are still there. Just try not to think the words are gone, i magine they travelled, and they would be back very soon. Take care

  2. @Rene; tnx dear
    @ST; i kno, its just that its gettin frustrating…
    @Ms Dufa; tnx!
    @Shubby doo; gud 2 kno i aint alone…
    @hyaw; they shld beta come bak soon, b4 i dcyd 2 follow them oh.
    @Trybes; tnx, nd i rili hope sumtn gr8 comes outta it!
    @aka bagucci; i honestly am tryin to undastand that oh
    @JD; now that u say it, i see this as some 4m of 'writing'. lol. tnx. u just gave me a bryt lyt! lol

  3. Of course,
    More scary than losing the power of speech
    Is for the mind to look for and not find
    The words to relay its yearnings

    Yours' STILL relays it desire rather fluently, I must say. It still makes the multitude feel your pain.

    But you want more…
    I'd say, read the scribbled words of others
    Let their hearts speak to yours
    and your heart may yet find the path you seek.


  4. that seems like a vivid description of a place i have been to recently. just give your self some time, something will inspire you real soon,something or someone will cause those words to flow..

  5. u need me…d real doctor lol u will get good orgasm lol those words will flow u dont even need to think….oh my god oh my god oh my god(u know ow u say it when i give it to you nah lol)

  6. Heeey! Sorry. It happens to the best in the business. It only means you have many ideas at once – but u can't hv too many. So,pls keep at it

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